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СУМівці in GB met for Крайовий З’їзд to review the last two years' work and elect a new committee

CYM GB held its Крайовий З’їзд (Congress) on Saturday, with осередки and representatives gathering at Tarasivka to discuss the CYM’s performance over the last two years. The meeting provided an opportunity for the outgoing CYM-GB Governing Bodies to update members on key initiatives and for members to ask questions and provide feedback.

In her opening remarks, the acting chair of CYM-GB, pod. Anna Fedeczko highlighted the successes of the organisation over the last two years despite the significant challenges due to Covid-19 and Russia’s illegal invasion and war in Ukraine and asked all to join in prayer and a minute's silence for all deceased founding members of CYM-GB and the CYMivtsi who have given their lives for Ukraines freedom since 2014.

The day's agenda was presided by Dr Marian Kosmirak as chair and Anna Monyard as secretary.

Крайовий З’їзд is the highest legislative assembly of CYM-GB, held every two years with one of the main agenda items being the election of members to the Governing Bodies of CYM-GB: National Committee, Audit Committee and Tribunal Committee. A new National Committee was elected with Anna Fedeczko elected unanimously as the Chair.

“Thank you for your vote of confidence. I hope I can live up to your expectations.” said Anna Fedeczko. “Many are happy to contribute and to support but not lead and that is the challenge for all of us, not just KY (Krayova Uprava). The challenge of encouraging, inspiring and nurturing new leaders. With this in mind, don’t always expect to see me as I will be in the background gently pushing younger members forward.”

The members of the new Governing Bodies of CYM-GB are:

National Committee: Anna Fedeczko (Chair), Hania Szlachetko, Stepan Luczka, Andrei Kaminskyj, Anna Monyard, Sofia Fedeczko, Andrei Stasiw, Petro Wintoniuk, Petro Chymera, Alex Kosmirak, Lydia Pszenyczniak, Maksym Lewyckyj, Andriy Terlecky, Halyna Stevens and Roma Melnyk

National Audit Committee: Joe Kupranec (Head), Vlodko Pawluk and Larissa Flint.

Deputies: Maria Kopczyk and Vlod Surma

National Grievence Committee: Marian Kosmirak (Head), Roman Panas and Vlodko Szlachetko

Overall, the meeting was seen as a positive step forward by those present, with a new National Committee elected and a renewed focus on collaboration and engagement to advance the organisation's mission.

Dr Marian Kosmirak concluded the congress with the CYM slogan "Honor of Ukraine - Ready to


Stay tuned for more information from Крайовий З’їзд.


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