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Congratulations Осередок... Derby!

After a two-year pause, СУМ-GB’s top-performing Осередок has been named. The prestigious award is bestowed upon the Осередок that has demonstrated the highest level of excellence in serving the community and the values and goals of СУМ-GB.

This year's winner, Oсередок СУМ Derby, stood

out for their work with youth persistently over the last two years despite the challenges faced.

Despite the pandemic, they continued to meet weekly with innovative activities and sessions to keep СУМівці engaged, including the very popular Ukrainian "Dancercise", and they were the first Oсередок to complete risk-assessments in order to resume regular sessions and activities.

Since the start of Russia’s full-scale Invasion of Ukraine, юнацтво from СУМ Derby (from the youngest to the oldest) and their Ukrainian Dance Ensemble Говерла have given 47 performances across the region – raising awareness of the war in Ukraine and helping to raise funds. In addition to welcoming newly arrived Ukrainian children into their Осередок, they applied for funding to send 10 children and 4 adults to СУМ-GB’s summer camp at Tarasivka.

"It is an absolute honour to be awarded Oseredok of the Year," said Vlod Surma, Chair of Oseredok CYM Derby. “We at Derby are very proud of the work that we’ve put in and for it to be recognised is wonderful.”

Осередок of the Year and presentation of the переходовий прапор is awarded annually by the Chair of СУМ-GB, and recognises the important role that Осередок's play in promoting and fulfilling the aims and mission of СУМ-GB, and encourages continued excellence in their efforts.

"This year the flag is awarded to an oseredok which through difficult times in our history – first the Covid pandemic and then the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine – has worked very hard with its юнацтво," said Anna Fedeczko, Chair of СУМ-GB. "Even though the CYM activity has been about dancing, the love for Ukrainian culture and the commitment to weekly rehearsals and then the frequency of performances is to be praised.”

The award was given to СУМ Derby at Крайовий З’їзд on Saturday, with representatives from Oseredoks across Great Britain in attendance with Anna Fedeczko presenting them with the переходовий прапор.

Congratulations Осередок СУМ Derby!

To keep up with updates from Осередок СУМ Derby’s dance group "Говерла" - follow them on Instagram HERE!


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