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Through our regular meetings, CYM GB offers a multi-faceted programme including various cultural activities, educational activities, field trips, sports, special interest groups and a summer camp programme.

Our programmes are available in both Ukrainian and English, open and tailored to all ages!

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Organise, Nurture and Educate youth in the spirit invoked by the ideals "God and Ukraine"

Culture defines people's values, beliefs, and personal interests. Culture is important because it allows people to maintain a unique identity in society.

Through our cultural programme we:

Celebrate and teach Traditional Ukraine Dancing, through our 8 Dance Groups locally, to allow our members can share and highlight this on a public stage.

Teach the uniqueness of Ukrainian Songs to our members, revealing Ukraines history and promising future.


Share talents through music performances and classes offered at some local branches.


Maintain ancient Ukrainian Traditions through arts and craft like Ukrainian Easter egg writing and embroidery.


Celebrate the richness of Ukrainian Cuisine through cooking classes.

Aspects from our Cultural Programme can be seen at our National Rally.


Education provides knowledge and skills to our youth and the opportunity to reach goals and the learning of norms in society.

Our Educational Programme is delivered in a variety of formats including formal lessons, games, workshops and nature walks.

 Through our educational programme we: 

Teach Ukrainian History (up to the present day) to help our members understand and grapple with the complex questions and dilemmas that have shaped Ukraine's important position in the present day. 

Showcase Ukrainian Literature and the famous figures that shaped the Ukrainian Language, allowing our members to step back in time and learn about how they lived and understand the feelings of those generations.

Pass on knowledge of Ukrainian Traditions to our members to bring them closer to their ancestral roots.

Educate our members about Ecology and Wildlife in order to promote a resilient and sustainable world where humans and nature can co-exist.

Teach our members the principles of being a model citizen, promoting a sense of belonging, so they can fulfil their rights and duty with society.

The educational programme offers a monitored award system at each age group as a sign of recognition for their hard work. 




Fun and unique fitness activities which improve mental and physical well-being  and most importantly team  building skills.

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Through our 13 branches across the UK, we have regular meetings of all age groups, promoting social development.

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Our 5 week summer camp focuses on all aspects of our programme and builds friendships that last a lifetime.

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Our national events are an opportunity for all members to meet and feel part of one united family.

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We have various groups that meet to discuss a and share their views on a wide range of topics including current affairs, music, dancing and arts.

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