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Concessionary Eligibilty T&Cs

Festival for Ukraine Concessionary Eligibilty Terms & Conditions

1. Concessionary rates apply ONLY to those on an official UK GOVERNMENT Ukraine Scheme (Family visa or Homes for Ukraine) or those that have had written permission by the UYA in GB. 

2. Proof of OFFICIAL UK GOVERNMENT Ukraine Scheme will need to provided and verified upon entry.

3. The documentation must prove that the type of permit is via the Ukraine scheme (Family Visa or Homes for Ukraine), or that entry to the UK was gained after 24 February 2022. This can be either by showing a BRP and/or passport.

4. Not providing evidence of documentation will deem the concessionary ticket invalid (without a refund) and refusal of entry to the event or the requirement to purchase a new ticket.

5. It is the responsibility of those purchasing the concessionary tickets to ensure the documentation is provided/available at entry. The UYA in GB does not accept responsibility for those who cannot provide the documentation.

6. Details provided within the contact form must match those used to purchase the Concessionary Tickets for the Event. This includes (but is not limited to): number of tickets, type of ticket, name, email and contact number. Any discrepancies will result in a refund of ticket and restart of the concessionary enquiry process.

The T&C's of the event, which can be found on General Admissions TicketSource Link, still apply to all ticket holders including those with Concessionary Tickets.


We apologise in advance for any inconvenience caused.

If you have any questions, please feel free to Contact Us

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