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CYM Volunteer Stories - Lisa

Hartuis! What’s your name?

Hartuis! My name is Lisa. I am part of the CYM Committee at Oseredok Stockport, and my role is activity co-ordinator.

This is my CYM story.

Tell us about your experience with CYM

In the time I have been part of CYM and the Ukrainian community there have been a lot of changes. Lots of good changes but also some bad changes, like community centres closing down.

I don’t want my children or any children in the Ukrainian Community to experience this, so I think being part of CYM really helps keep our Ukrainian community alive.

By helping organise different activities at CYM, we can support our members and keep them interested in their Ukrainian culture and traditions. Anything I can do to keep this going means a lot to me.

Being an English person who married into a Ukrainian family I felt so welcomed, right from the beginning! It’s important to me to ensure I give something back and continue to help keep the Ukrainian culture and our community alive!

What kind of activities do you take part in at CYM?

My children and I have attended Tarasivka for many years. From CYMenyata to now all grown up and off on their own, I still attend camp with them and support in the kitchen or anywhere I can.

We try and do regular activities with our CYM members at our Ukrainian club in Stockport. We do things like community walks, halloween parties, Easter activities & Pysanka workshops, games nights, bonfire night, Ukrainian Carol singing, and Christmas crafts.

We always try new things to keep all our members, youths and adults, engaged and able to experience different parts of their Ukrainian heritage!

How can more people get involved with CYM?

People sharing their skills would be amazing, if people can let us know if they have specific skills (embroidery, art, sports) then we can arrange activities and events around that.

Currently we can only do events where we have the skill set behind us, but if more people volunteer their time to do things like this we could do so much more. We’d love to welcome new CYM members to our community, and together grow stronger!

“I feel proud to work with amazing people in such a special organisation.

Together we are keeping the Ukrainian Spirit alive”


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