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CYM Volunteer Stories - Lydia

Hartuis! What’s your name?

Hartuis! My name is Lydia but everyone calls me Lyd.

This is my CYM story.

What is your role at CYM?

I spent 18 years on the CYM Oseredok Manchester committee, and now am part of Krayova Uprava for CYM GB. As part of my role now, I lead Taborova Komissia, the team responsible for organising summer tabory, and I’m also the Welfare and Safeguarding officer for CYM GB.

Tell us about your experience with CYM

I have been a member of CYM since I was 3 years old, which is also the year I first went to a summer Tabir at “Tarasivka”. I experienced my heritage through lessons about Ukrainian history and culture at my oseredok, where I also learnt traditional Ukrainian dances and songs. I represented Oseredok Manchester with pride every year, taking part in the CYM Rallies with my friends!

As I grew up I was able to experience CYM not only as a youth member, but also as a young leader. At summer tabory I experienced roles like being a Royava (tent leader) and Chotova/ Kurinna (girls camp leads). As I became a Dryzhynyk (18+ CYM member) I took on the role of Bunchuzna (safety & welfare lead), and eventually Komandant!

CYM has not only helped me to build my social skills, it has also given me the opportunity to work with children, something I now do in my professional career.

How can CYMivtsi get more involved with CYM?

I would encourage CYMivtsi to start at Oseredok level, get to know your Yunatstvo and find where you fit in. CYM isn’t just about teaching, it’s about sports, other activities and helping organise and run local, national and international events.

Attending Tabory after gaining the experience in your Oseredok can lead to opportunities with CYM around the world! I had the opportunity to attend Olympiada (Olympic style sports tabory) when I was younger, which took place at Tarasivka as well as other CYM European countries. It was a great experience!

My son is also an active member of CYM in Manchester and has attended Tabory since he was born.

“I love everything I have done and continue to do, and being part of CYM has given me a sense of belonging and a sense pride that I am helping to carry on our Ukrainian heritage and legacy”


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