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CYM Volunteer Stories - Mykhajlo

Hartuis! What’s your name?

Hartuis! My name is Mykhajlo, but people know me as Mihai. I am a member of CYM in London, and my role is music assistant.

This is my CYM story.

What does being part of CYM mean to you?

Being part of CYM is a great opportunity to work with young Ukrainians and our community. I help teach during our CYM meets in London, as well as representing our oseredok at national events like Krayoviy Zdvyh.

Being part of CYM is a great way to share my skills, help youth members flourish and keep our Ukrainian traditions strong!

What kind of activities do you take part in at CYM?

Most of my activities I take part in and help to lead are related to music and arts, as this is where my skills and experiences are from.

I always remind children to speak in Ukrainian, not only while they are at CYM, but also at home and with friends. I think it’s very important to preserve our Ukrainian language and identity.

I also have my own two children - one in CYMenyata and the other  in Molodshe Yunatstvo. Together we are proud to be part of our CYM community, as well as the wider Ukrainian community!

How can more people get involved with CYM?

There are lots of opportunities to collaborate with other organisations. For example during Easter celebrations this year we helped run Pysanka workshops together with the London branch of the Association of Ukrainian Women & the UAOC Cathedral in London.

We should definitely explore more opportunities to share skills and support each other, especially with Ukrainian organisations, like schools, that provide support to children.

“CYM is one  of the best patriotic organisations in the diaspora where you can learn about Ukrainian culture, traditions and history -  helping to build a positive future for Ukraine”


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