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Eurovision 2023 [Part 1]: Lights, CYM and Action ahead of Eurovision This Weekend! VIDEOS

As the Eurovision Song Contest approaches, the excitement is growing with CYMivstsi up and down the country taking to the TV screens to voice their thoughts and showcase Ukrainian culture.

Yunatstvo from Manchester, Stockport and London appeared on the Sky Kids FYI show, discussing their feelings about Liverpool hosting the contest and sharing their pride and joy in being Ukrainian.

They expressed their gratitude to the UK for hosting the contest and how it was a symbol of international support for Ukraine during these difficult times.

In addition to Sky Kids FYI, yunatstvo from Coventry, London and Manchester shared their thoughts:

In a separate appearance, a Druzyhynyk from CYM Nottingham appeared on Channel 4's Steph's Packed Lunch showing off his Ukrainian Cossack dance skills. Ivan Furgala, from the Ukrainian Cossacks, gave an energetic and captivating performance which left the audience in awe and admiration for Ukrainian culture. He gave a brief history of Ukrainian Cossacks and what Ukrainian Cossack dancing means to him.

The CYMivtsi’s appearances on Sky Kids FYI and Steph's Packed Lunch is just the start of CYMivtsi’s involvement in Eurovision 2023 and a demonstrate the importance of culture and unity in times of adversity. Stay tuned for more news about CYMivtsi at Eurovision 2023 in Part 2 & 3!!!


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