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Regional CYM Rally North in Manchester!

The annual North Region CYM rally took place in Manchester on Saturday 10th June. This year’s event was a return to competition after several years without. Okryzhnyi Zdvyh took place under the CYM slogan is «Today a CYMivets! Today a warrior!”.

Hundreds of CYMivtsi from Northern Oseredky of CYM-GB were present at the event and took part in the official opening ceremony, alongside family, friends and guests. Podruha Maria Kopczyk (Rochdale) was Commandant of the Rally and oversaw the ceremony, greeting heads of all the branches and preparing the members for the day.

The official opening was followed by the main event, the concert.

Poems, singing, and dancing were all on display showcasing the vibrant Ukrainian culture in the North of England.

The zdvyh also raised over £500 for the CYM Aid Fund. You can donate now here.

“Krayoviy Zdvyh” will be a competition this year. The event will be held on 30 June – 2 July at Tarasivka. For further information and ticketing please visit our dedicated pages.


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