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Remembering fallen CYMivtsi

CYMivtsi in Bradford remembered two fallen CYMivtsi, who have fallen while defending Ukraine against invasion.

CYMivtsi said prayers for Druh Hryhoriy Dobosh and Druh Oleh Yurchenko at a service at the Holy Trinity and Lady Pochaiv Bradford Ukrainian Catholic Church.

Druh Hryhoriy Dobosh, was born in Lviv in 1991. He joined the Armed Forces of Ukraine after the full scale invasion in February 2022.

He died in March, but his body was only recovered after the liberation of Snihurivka in November 2022.

He was an active and popular CYMivets throughout his life and upheld our values of defending Ukraine, making the ultimate sacrifice.

Druh Oleh Yurchenko, was killed recently in action near Bakhmut. A long term and popular member of CYM, he has served Ukraine faithfully for many years.

He was active in both the Orange Revolution and the Revolution of Dignity and did not hesitate to answer the call following the latest invasion.

He leaves behind a wife and five children.

There are at least 50 known CYMivtsi who are currently serving in the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Please remember them in your prayers. If you are able, please consider donating to help the Armed Forces.


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