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Sing in Solidarity with Ukraine!

This week, the U.K. is hosting Eurovision on behalf of Ukraine. As part of the celebrations, organisers are hoping to create the world’s biggest sing-along as an expression of solidarity with Ukraine. The #HelpUkraineSong project is aiming to “unite the world through music” by getting as many people as possible to sing the Beatles’ With a Little Help from My Friends at noon on Saturday 13 May.

CYMivtsi across the country can join in this sing along and show their solidarity with Ukraine through song. Either individually, as part of your oseredok, choirs or with friends and family, film yourselves performing the song and upload it to social media channels. The hope is people across the world join in the action to inspire those in Ukraine and remind them we stand in solidarity until victory.

Official events are taking place across the U.K. to mark the #HelpUkraineSong project. You can view the list here

We encourage you to join these events representing CYM where possible, or add your own to the list in your oseredok.

This is your chance to be part of Eurovision 2023 and show your solidarity with Ukraine – a small step on our path to victory.

More information on the #HelpUkraineSong project can be found on their webpage.


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