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Steps To Victory

It is now over 9 years since our enemy attacked and occupied Ukrainian lands, and a year since the full scale invasion of our country. In this time, many Ukrainians have made great effort and sacrifices as we work to our inevitable victory.

Not all of us can bear weapons, serve on the front lines, donate weaponry or large sums of money.

However, each and every CYMivets and CYMivka, can play a role in Ukraine’s victory.

No matter how small, each action to help Ukraine, is a small step to victory. We ask all CYMivtsi to join our campaign #StepsToVictory and together do our bit, to help Ukraine to victory.

There are many ways each and every one of us can help. You can:

  • Write to your MP;

  • Help a refugee;

  • Organise an action in support of Ukraine;

  • Fundraise;

  • Donate money;

  • Give your time;

  • Talk to the media;

  • Share news about Ukraine on social media;

  • Reach out to recently arrived Ukrainians;

  • Support the Armed Forces of Ukraine;

  • And much, much more...

There will be more information shared through regular posts, with ideas of activities that you can undertake to help Ukraine take steps to victory.

We call on you to continue to support Ukraine!

Share with us your actions, so we can inspire other CYMivtsi to do their part to help Ukraine to victory.

Честь України – Готов Боронити!


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