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CУМівці in GB Meet for Пленум

On Saturday 1st April 2023, Голови Осередки in Great Britain met virtually for Пленум.

The meeting was an opportunity to give feedback on successes and challenges in their local branches over a period of time which has seen major disruptions to CYM activity caused by firstly the Covid 19 Pandemic and then the full scale russian invasion of Ukraine.

Осередки shared success stories such as, the performances by their choirs and dance groups during the last year to raise awareness of Ukrainian Culture and simultaneously raise funds for aid for Ukraine, working more closely with other organisations at local levels and the inclusion of newly arrived families in CYM events. Осередки also reflected on their challenges and had the opportunity to share what support they need from Крайова Управа and Світова Управа in order to work more effectively going forward. This type of feedback is invaluable in planning for the future of our organisation.

After thanking everyone present for their openness and attendance, под. Anna Fedeczko, Acting Chair of СУМ in GB, reflected on the meeting by saying “A very productive plenum. I look forward to us all (as CУМівці) working together in the new каденсія (of Крайова Управа)”


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